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Last Updated: April 18, 2020.

Q. Is Blue Protocol an MMORPG?

  • Yes. Blue Protocol has many online elements that feature party play with an emphasis on strategic teamwork. The game contains loading screens between zones similar to other MMORPG’s on the market and each zone is replicated according to the amount of channels the Blue Protocol server needs.

Q. When will the next testing phase be?

  • The next testing phase for the Closed Beta starts on Thursday, April 23 19:00 JST/ 6:00 am EST/ 12:00 CET. It will end on Sunday, April 26 23:59 JST/ 10:59 am EST/ 16:59 CET.

Q. Will Blue Protocol get released globally?

  • Yes. Bandai Namco is planning on releasing Blue Protocol globally. It will not be released until the Japanese version is complete. More information will be provided at a later time in regards to a global release.

Q. Will Blue Protocol have region blocks?

  • Currently, the game is not region blocked. However, it is recommended to use a VPN to be safe.

Q. Will Blue Protocol be F2P?

  • Blue Protocol will have a F2P (free-to-play) system that consists of an Item Shop. This shop will include cosmetic related items. Additionally, they implement a season pass system. More information will be provided at a later time in regards to how the passes will work.

Q. Are the classes gender locked?

  • No, classes are not gender locked.

Q. Will Blue Protocol release on consoles?

  • We have no official information regarding this matter. However, the PC version of the test had game-pad support enabled and recently the developers of Blue Protocol have released a statement that the Closed Beta Test will support many of the most prominent game-pad brands.

Q. We've seen a new class in the trailer. Do they plan to add more classes?

  • At the moment, they do not plan to add new classes anytime soon. However, this does not mean that they won’t do so later on. Instead, they will focus on adding modifications which allows the same class to grow in different directions.

Q. Will Blue Protocol have a trinity system? (A trinity system meaning traditional Tank, Healer, DPS)

  • Typically in a traditional MMORPG you would have the Tank, Healer, and DPS role. However, in Blue Protocol, all classes have a self-heal or party heal available. Certain classes do not have a traditional “Taunt” or “Provoke” skill but they do have skills which increase your threat generation on monsters. Some classes such as Spell Caster or Blast Archer had skills which reduced your threat.

Q. Do Experience Points carry over when you switch classes?

  • No, they do not. The class system works similar to the Final Fantasy XIV system where the player levels each class individually with each class containing their own experience bar. You can switch classes freely at the NPC in town.

Q. Does this game have multiple channels within the server? (Channel 1, Channel 2, etc.)

  • Yes, each zone has a player limit. Once that limit is reached, you will be forced to go to the next channel. At the moment, the developers have stated there will be no way to switch channels automatically besides teleporting to your party members.

Q. Will there be guilds in Blue Protocol?

  • Yes. It will not be implemented in the upcoming Closed Beta.

Q. Will there be PvP content?

  • At the moment there is no PVP content planned but it will be possibly introduced at a later time according to the developers. For now, there will be a Player vs Party (PVP) system in which you can fight enemy mobs in the arena.

Q. Which class is the strongest class?

  • During the first testing phase the strongest class was the Spell Caster. This class was capable of dealing large amounts of area damage consistently while also providing a large amount of healing to the party. Expect balance changes over the next coming testing phases.

Q. Is the game under NDA?

  • No. There was a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) during the Closed Alpha Test, however the Blue Protocol developers lifted the NDA and have repeatedly stated that the upcoming Closed Beta Test will not be under a NDA at all.

How do I invite a friend to the upcoming Closed Beta?

  • Instructions on how to invite a friend to the Closed Beta can be located here.

Is my Bandai Namco ID required to have Japan selected as my country of residence to participate?

  • Yes. If you did not register your account with Japan selected as your country of residence then you cannot send in an application. It is required.
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