• NEWSPhoto of Blue Protocol Database Community CBT Key Giveaways!

    Blue Protocol Database Community CBT Key Giveaways!

    The Blue Protocol Database staff have begun the giveaways for CBT friend codes donated by generous community members! Do you want to explore the vibrant cell-shaded world of Blue Protocol? Were you life’s hopes and dreams utterly crushed by the simple sight of your CBT badge not turning red? Never fear for the CBT friend code giveaway is here! In order to join this second chance at fulfillment you must join the Blue Protocol Database community Discord where announcements of when the next giveaway will begin will be listed. Join the BPDB Discord by clicking on the banner below! There is no entry fee or compensation that one must give to get into the giveaway nor will any sort of donation or compensation to the website or staff improve your odds in winning CBT access. Take a look at some of our lucky winners so far!

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  • NEWSPhoto of Closed Beta Test Results Revealed!

    Closed Beta Test Results Revealed!

    As of March 30th, 2020 the results for those who have won access to the Closed Beta Test (CBT) for Blue Protocol has been revealed! Everyone who has won a CBT key has received an email stating as such. You can also verify your account status by logging into the official Blue Protocol website; if the CBT badge at the top right of the web page is red, then you have been accepted! However, if your CBT badge is anything other than red, then you have not been accepted. For all of you who did not win access to the CBT can try again by entering the Blue Protocol Database Community giveaways and contests! The first Community giveaway will be held in a few hours. Use the banner below this article to join the Discord. In addition to winning access to the CBT, winners have also received the ability to…

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  • IMPORTANT NEWSPhoto of Closed Beta Information

    Closed Beta Information

    Hey players, we have new information about the next Closed Beta of Blue Protocol. The Closed Beta Test begins Thursday, April 23 19:00 JST/ 6:00 am EST/ 11:00 CET! Winners will be selected on MARCH 30th. CBT implementation schedule March 30: Information on application results for CBT March 30-April 6: CBT Friends Invitation Period April 20: Pre-download of CBT game client start AND Developer Livestream #4 Thursday, April 23 19:00 JST/ 6:00 am EST/ 11:00 CET: CBT START Sunday, April 26 23:59 JST/ 10:59 am EST/ 15:59 CET : CBT ENDS After CBT: Conduct CBT Survey In addition, we will carry out the maintenance of the official website with the announcement of the application results on March 30 (Monday). The website will be under maintenance from 11:00 JST/ 10:00 pm EST till 14:00 JST/ 1:00 am EST. (Main website, not ours)

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  • NEWSPhoto of Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap #4

    Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap #4

    Greetings and welcome back to the Blue Protocol Database ! It is time for our fourth Weekly Recap where we will summarize the news of the past few days and weeks. Closed Beta Test delayed – 05.03.2020 Because of the Coronavirus, the CBT got delayed and will most likely start mid April. Please consider that future delays are possible depending on the state of the Coronavirus. We hope that you guys and your loved ones are safe and healthy. To avoid spreading the virus, try to stay at home as much as possible, wash your hands, don’t hug people… You surely know the drill by now. Fan Kit – 12.03.2020 A fan kit was uploaded on the official Blue Protocol Website which includes BP related logos, screenshots and emojis. You can download it on the following link : Click here New Monster/CBT Information – 14.03.2020 A new monster has been…

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  • NEWSPhoto of Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap #3

    Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap #3

    Hello and welcome back to the Blue Protocol Database! It is time for our third Weekly Recap where we will summarize and highlight all of the major game and community related news and information of the past week. BLUE PROTOCOL GAME INFORMATION Closed Beta Test This week marked the end of the Closed Beta Test (CBT) registration phase. The dates of the CBT and when emails will be sent from BANDAI NAMCO to notify those who were lucky enough to be selected is still unknown. However, we can assume that emails will be sent by late March. Good luck to everyone who applied and join the Blue Protocol Database Discord server in order to participate in giveaways involving any spare CBT keys that we happen to obtain through donations. You can join the Discord by clicking the banner below this article. Developer Livestream #3 The final Blue Protocol developer livestream…

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  • NEWSPhoto of Livestream Summary #3

    Livestream Summary #3

    Welcome back to the Blue Protocol Database! Several hours ago the developers of Blue Protocol held their third and last YouTube livestream. That means we here at the Database are bringing you the highlights of the stream and primarily focusing on new information. Without further delay, lets get into it. CLOSED BETA APPLICATIONS The deadline for the CBT is fast approaching. The developers want you to hurry up and apply! Though the CBT is still only open to residents of Japan. Lucky for you we’ve got your back! Check out our guides on how to apply to the CBT as well as how to create a Japanese BANDAI NAMCO ID. NEW INFORMATION Dragon’s Claw Dungeon Preview We start this livestream summary with a quick presentation of the new dungeon available during the closed beta: Dragon’s Claw. From what we can see, the monsters start with at a low level and continue…

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  • NEWSPhoto of Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap #2

    Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap #2

    Welcome back to the Blue Protocol Database! It is time for our Weekly Recap where we will summarize all of the major game and community related news and information of the past week. In this Weekly Recap we will also have a written opinion by one of the Blue Protocol Database team members regarding Blue Protocol. Without further delay, lets start with this week’s recap! Dev Livestream 20.02.2020 (Blue Pro News #2) This week’s Developer Livestream was focused on the new skill system, new skills, and new class mechanics added that were added to all 4 classes.At the end of the stream many important questions that were asked by the community were answered. One of the questions involved the payment model of Blue Protocol and the response is that Blue Protocol will be Free to Play with a season pass system. If you want to read about all the other…

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  • NEWSPhoto of Community Contest #1

    Community Contest #1

    The Blue Protocol Database is hosting our first community contest! That’s right, first, there will be more to come in the future utilizing different skill sets, so if this isn’t the contest for you – no need to worry! Not every contest will award the same prizes either, some prizes may be spare Closed Beta keys from generous community members who have pledged to donate their friend key if they should be accepted into the CBT themselves – while this is highly dependent on luck, the Blue Protocol Database does have prizes that are of equal or greater value than 4 days of Beta testing! This contest will give our community members a chance at showing off their artistic prowess through fan art! THE CONTEST How to Enter the Contest In order to enter Blue Protocol Database community contests you will need to join the Blue Protocol Discord server. You can…

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  • NEWSPhoto of Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap #1

    Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap #1

    Hello and welcome back to the Blue Protocol Database! It is my pleasure to introduce you all to the newest regular addition to the Blue Protocol Database: Blue Protocol Weekly News Recap. As the name suggests every week the fans of Blue Protocol can look forward to a summary of some of the most important additions and changes to Blue Protocol made within the last week, as well as new information released by the developers of Protocol, and information regarding the official Blue Protocol Database Discord server. With that out of the way, let us start with the most important game related information for this week: BLUE PROTOCOL GAME INFORMATION, CHANGES, AND MORE Closed Beta Test CBT (Closed Beta Test) applications were made available on February 12th, 2020 and will close on March 2nd, 2020. To apply for the CBT you will require a Bandai Namco ID – if you…

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  • IMPORTANT NEWSPhoto of Blue Protocol Feedback Response

    Blue Protocol Feedback Response

    Given the importance of that article, we decided to post it quickly. We will correct any errors throughout the day. As always, we will try now to translate and summarize the important changes mentioned in the article. Hello Blue Protocol Database Community! According to this article on the official Blue Protocol website, a lot of changes were made based on the feedback of the alpha testers. As always, we will try now to translate and summarize the important part of that article. Party vs. Party Concept This describes the Player Party vs. the AI Monster Party. Initially, a few months back the development team did a presentation on Artificial Intelligence being implemented in the game. This is the concept of monsters teaming up together and assigning themselves trinity roles such as Tank, Healer and DPS to make the confrontation between players and monsters more challenging. This feature will now finally…

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  • NEWSPhoto of Livestream Summary #1

    Livestream Summary #1

    The developers of Blue Protocol have concluded the first livestream with a lot of new information for the community. For the livestream segment, we divided the presentation into five different parts. Summary This is a base summary of what was learned from the stream. Not everything here is displayed and will be shown in the next development episode! There will be (2) more streams which will happen throughout the application period. The Closed Beta Test will involve in measuring the server load capacity, development direction and game parameter improvements which allude to the overall scaling of the game.A new dungeon will be available. Raidbosses and a Time Attack Dungeon will be available in the testing phase.An in-depth Character Creation system was displayed for both genders which featured different customization.An introduction to the main story of Blue Protocol was displayed through the beginning cutscene of the game. Exploration of “Asterleeds” the…

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  • IMPORTANT NEWSPhoto of Applying for the Closed Beta Test

    Applying for the Closed Beta Test

    We highly encourage users to look at our previous guide located here before using this guide to register for the Closed Beta Test. IN ORDER TO BE SELECTED FOR THE TEST, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SET YOUR REGION TO ASIA – JAPAN. Now that we have registered for a Bandai Namco ID we are able to sign up on the main website. To start the application process, go to the following link here. 1. PC Specifications Scroll all the way down near the bottom of the page. From the menu, select your system performance settings that you are able to enter the test with. The third option on the right states your system can play at the highest setting and the left option refers to having less than the recommended settings. 2. Terms and Conditions After selecting your system performance capability, you must agree to the terms and conditions. Simply…

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  • IMPORTANT NEWSPhoto of New information, Closed Beta and more

    New information, Closed Beta and more

    The information about the development of Blue Protocol is finally out, but before that, let’s see the second trailer of the game. Summary of Blue Protocol Development News You can apply for the next Closed Beta Test starting from February 12th, 2020 until March 2nd, 2020.The application deadline is March 2nd, 2020 11:00 JST in Japan.The test will begin in the middle or end of March. Possibly between the dates of March 21st, 2020 and March 30th, 2020. (Japanese Date/Time)50,000 players will be chosen. If over that amount, it will be a lottery based system.There will be (4) Days of Closed Beta.There is a possibility that the Closed Beta Test will not be IP Blocked and will therefore not require a VPN. (Stay tuned for updates from us in regards to this subject.)There will be no NDA. Other information we acquired during the Video Premiere: New Story Trailer was shown…

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  • NEWSPhoto of Bandai Namco registered the “BLUE PROTOCOL” trademark in EU and NA

    Bandai Namco registered the “BLUE PROTOCOL” trademark in EU and NA

    After a few months of waiting, some big news have appeared, Bandai Namco finally registered the trademark “BLUE PROTOCOL” in Europe and North America. According to WIPO Global Database, Government of Canada Trademarks Database as well as the UK Trademarks Database, Bandai Namco Online registered the BLUE PROTOCOL trademark in the UK and Canada. We should not be too excited after these discoveries, but that could with great chances announce the global release of Blue Protocol. If you want to learn more, here are our source links : – https://www3.wipo.int/branddb/en/showData.jsp?ID=EMTM.018172399– https://www3.wipo.int/branddb/en/showData.jsp?ID=EMTM.018172402– https://www3.wipo.int/branddb/en/showData.jsp?ID=CATM.2003649-00– Government of Canada Trademark Database– Government of United Kingdom Trademark Database

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  • NEWSPhoto of Upcoming Blue Protocol meeting

    Upcoming Blue Protocol meeting

    Interesting news from a community member : we have a date for the future showing on Blue Protocol. Yosei Hase, head developer of the games’s AI part, will be invited to take place to an analysis with the rest of the developer team. The team will present various features occupied by artificial intelligence in the game, more precisely on the character control aspect. This meeting will take place on the February, 21st 2020 and will be 2 hours long. For more information, check out this link : https://www.gamebusiness.jp/article/2020/01/29/16672.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter There is more, this is a little announcement that will rejoice some of you. Bandai Namco has recently posted a job ad for the role of “Location Manager” for Blue Protocol. Before you get excited, do not forget that we still have to wait for the game to be released in Japan before a possible occidental or global release. For more information,…

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  • NEWSPhoto of Day in the Life of a Japanese Game Programmer

    Day in the Life of a Japanese Game Programmer

    How does a day go in the life of a Japanese game programmer? This is what Paolo fromTOKYO, a lifestyle youtuber, showed us in his latest video. We are following Masta, a 23-year-old programmer working at Bandai Namco, one of the largest video game companies in Japan. In addition to discovering his work, which consists in part of coding, we will also discover the work of other members of the company: Software engineer, Game designer and even the directors of some games already published. I let the video show you this wonderful life that every player would dream of having. You’ll see at a moment, there’ll be a little Blue Protocol poster.

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  • NEWSPhoto of Presentation of the website

    Presentation of the website

    Now that the announcement of the re-opening of the Database has been made, let me introduce you to the new pages and features of the site. For those who have not yet read the first article, I invite you to read it before reading it, you can access it by just clicking here – Article: Re-opening the Database Menus ABOUT THE GAME What is Blue Protocol Presentation page of the game and its history to put you in context. How to play Page currently under construction that will be available when the game is opened and available to the public. We will put a detailed tutorial in order to play the game. Questions Page of the most frequently asked questions about the game. All answers may change over time, so stay up to date. DATABASE Classes Presentation page of the different classes of the game in detail. Souls Explanation page…

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  • NEWSPhoto of Re-opening of the Database

    Re-opening of the Database

    You are probably all waiting for it, the new version of Blue Protocol Database is finally available with a lot of new features and functionalities. Before I introduce you to all of this, I would like to thank the whole Discord Blue Protocol community and in particular: Perciculum — For the management of the various translations of the site and for the great promotion of the site.Poulpix — For hosting the website.KusoOnore — For the translation of the French pages of the site.Kurayami — For the translation of the German pages of the site. I have not forgotten the other translators from the other languages who have made a lot of effort (Portuguese, Italian and Spanish) which will certainly be added later on. I would also like to introduce you to the second administrator of the site and the new editor who will be in charge of the German part…

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